Tilden-Coil Constructors Celebrates 80 Years of Building in Southern California

Riverside, California (November 1, 2018) – Tilden-Coil Constructors, Inc., a Riverside-based builder serving Southern California, is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. The company attributes its longevity to the culture instilled by its founders, a culture focused on service and quality. 

Since its founding in 1938, the company has constructed several iconic projects including the renovation of the 1903 Riverside County Courthouse, the National Medal of Honor Memorial, and recently the Centennial Plaza for Riverside Community College District. Today, the company continues its legacy of quality construction throughout Southern California including current projects such as the new $84 million Athletic Complex at Mt. San Antonio College, the Barn Expansion at UC Riverside, Parkview Hospital Emergency Department Expansion, the CBU New College of Engineering Building and the modernization to the historic GWS Auditorium at Chaffey High School to name a few. 

To remain viable for 80 years the company has had to adapt to changing market trends and find new innovative ways to serve its public and private clients. This includes current investments in the latest construction technology. "This is a very exciting time in our industry as we have seen more wide-spread adoption of new technologies by our clients, trade and design partners. We have made significant investments in technology over the last decade such as Building Information Modeling, 3D laser scanning, drones, and cloud based collaborative platforms, which allow us to be more productive and ultimately serve our clients better." said Dayne Brassard, Tilden-Coil's Executive Vice President. Mr. Brassard adds, "It is important to note however, that our culture of intentional and long-term decision making means we don't just adopt any new technology; it must be proven and represent a measurable benefit to our organization and our clients." 

It's not just technology that the company has adapted to and embraced, but a whole slew of external factors such as, ever changing law and government regulation, new markets and local regions, economic pressures, and labor shortages. "In a world of ever changing conditions, we must be alert, we must position ourselves to quickly adapt and remain viable, however we also must not lose sight of those things that do not change in our organization such as our values, our culture of serving others, and our long-term decision making and planning process. These are special and part of our legacy that we need to pass on to the next Tilden-Coil generation. This inspired the theme of our past annual company retreat called 'Staying the Course.'" said Dayne.  

About Tilden-Coil Constructors:

Tilden-Coil Constructors is a leading general contractor and construction manager in Southern California with regional offices in Riverside and Los Angeles. Tilden-Coil delivers comprehensive pre-construction and construction services under a variety of public and private delivery methods. The firm specializes in a diverse range of projects including educational, healthcare, institutional, commercial, industrial, historic restoration, and hospitality. 


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