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Construction delivery methods represent different contractual and organizational structures to fit the unique needs of individual clients and projects. There are many factors that must be considered when choosing the right delivery method. These factors include client resources, project timeline, budget constraints, risk tolerance and many more. Ultimately, we view delivery methods as a unique way to serve our clients with the same passion, commitment, quality and integrity dedicated to every project.

Construction Management

An Experienced Builder On Your Side

For over 30 years, Tilden-Coil has offered Construction Management (CM) services to our clients. Our Construction Management projects are tailored to handle the specialized needs of each client, whether it be assistance with funding applications, land acquisition, reuse of plans, or local bond measures; we do what it takes to make your project successful.

As a Construction Manager, our clients benefit from an experienced team with depth and diversity completing projects both as a Construction Manager, and as a General Contractor. Our experience and background as builders keeps our team active in the industry and allows our team members to develop critical skills and building knowledge needed to best serve our clients.

Based upon our clients’ preference, Tilden-Coil offers the following Construction Management Delivery Methods.

  • Construction Management Multi-Prime
  • Construction Management at Risk
  • Agency Construction Management

Construction Management is a comprehensive professional service and our involvement spans the following five stages of project development ranging from Planning and Pre-Design through Post-Construction.

  • Planning and Pre-Design
  • Design
  • Preconstruction and Procurement
  • Construction
  • Post-Construction

General Contracting

High Performance

Clients are expecting exceedingly more for their money today. With the significant advancements in our industry in the areas of technology, sustainability, building materials and construction methods, there is no reason you shouldn’t expect more from your General Contractor.

Tilden-Coil has carefully developed a culture within the company that fosters a continuing goal to perform at an elevated level and be viewed in high regard by our peers, clients and team members. We are leaders in implementing new technology that is proven to benefit our clients. This includes Building Information Modeling, laser scanning, drone surveying, and augmented reality. We employ innovative construction methods which allow us to deliver the best quality facilities, safely, within budget and within even the most demanding schedules. 

General contracting has been the lifeblood of Tilden-Coil since 1938 and our focus has been to establish early relationships and align with the Owner and Design teams. This is part of our “Partnership Approach”, which greatly increases project success and minimizes challenges and changes to a project. This approach to construction is characterized by:

  • Early involvement during the design phase (preconstruction services)
  • Open book transparency
  • Quality subcontractor involvement
  • Focus on best value
  • Self-performing work when it benefits our clients


Built-In Flexibility

The Lease-Leaseback delivery method allows our public clients to choose their building partner on the basis of best value. Our approach to providing our clients with the best value includes providing an experienced team of experts with relevant project experience, comprehensive preconstruction services, and a plan to maximize project scope within the established budget.

Another advantage this delivery method offers is the ability for a client to satisfy its needs for financing the project. Tilden-Coil can provide financing options for the new or renovation projects with various options on the term and method of repayment.

In most cases, Lease-Leaseback projects are managed no different than our general contracting projects and we utilize the same approach. Our “Partnership Approach” greatly increases project success and minimizes challenges and changes to a project. This approach to construction is characterized by:

  • Early involvement during the design phase (preconstruction services)
  • Open book transparency
  • Quality subcontractor involvement
  • Focus on best value


A Fully Integrated Team

Under the Design-Build delivery method Tilden-Coil is the client’s single source for planning, design, preconstruction, and construction services. Our integrated approach to Design-Build promotes true collaboration and teamwork through a unique management structure which incorporates principles of “Lean Project Delivery” to plan and construct the project. Our process allows for our team to efficiently incorporate valuable input from the client and end users to obtain the best tradeoff of aesthetic appeal and user functionality all within a limited budget.

Design-Build provides the client with a number of possible advantages, including a reduction in the overall duration of the project, cost savings from real time constructability input, and reduced risk.

Program Management

Managing Multiple Projects

With Tilden-Coil's Program Management Services the client gets a skilled and experienced contractor that will implement their complete construction program. Our knowledge from delivering hundreds of projects as a General Contractor and Construction Manager has created a solid foundation for our Program Management Services.  As a Program Manager, we are responsible for the complete development process, from concept to close out of multiple projects at a time.  We view our role as Program Manager as an extension of the client.

Our Program Management approach is tailored to the unique needs of each client and each program. As a Program Manager, we can perform a combination of any or all of the following services:

  • Concept Development
  • Funding Assistance
  • Budgetary Estimating and Budget Monitoring
  • Program Scheduling and Phasing
  • Program Accounting
  • Development of Reporting Systems
  • Billings and Payment Management
  • Design Management and Validation
  • Professional Services Procurement Assistance
  • Offsite Utility Coordination
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Cost Control
  • Government Approval
  • Permitting Coordination
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Preconstruction
  • Construction Management

If you would like to learn more about what makes our Program Management Services different, please contact us for references on our current Program Management Projects. Each client has a unique story about how Tilden-Coil is serving their specific needs.

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