Who We Are

Tilden-Coil Constructors, Inc. is a general contractor and construction manager focusing on high quality educational, institutional, commercial and industrial facilities throughout Southern California. We exist to serve by shaping futures; and have been doing so for over 80 years!

Tilden-Coil’s foundation is one of integrity, visionary thinking and moderate controlled growth. This has been the culture of the organization since its beginning in 1938 when Marshal Tilden began building homes for farm laborers and defense workers in the Riverside area.

  1. 1938 Marshal Tilden began building homes for farm laborers and defense workers.
  2. 1971 Henry Coil, Jr. joined Marshal Tilden and transitioned into commercial, industrial and institutional construction.
  3. 1980’s The company was recognized for its performance delivering medical facilities, banks, office and retail facilities.
  4. 1990’s Henry Coil turned over management of the company to a dedicated leadership team of Tilden-Coil veterans. Tilden-Coil emerged as one of the premier builders of educational facilities in the Inland Empire.
  5. 1998 Tilden-Coil completed the renovation of the 1903 Riverside County Courthouse, a flagship historical renovation and seismic retrofit project.
  6. 2004 Tilden-Coil’s leadership team documented its blueprint to serve clients through the company’s Service Model.
  7. Today Tilden-Coil Constructors, Inc. is committed to carrying on the culture that began in 1938. The leadership team of Tilden-Coil today continues to shape the firm in its growth and development with a dedication to quality, integrity and unwavering discipline towards the organization’s purpose.

Our Service Model

A service model is simply a company’s blueprint to serve. Similar to building a project, we understand the value of having well designed blueprints. It minimizes confusion, reduces assumption, and greatly increases the clarity for all that will be invested in the project.

Performance People Process Plan Purpose


What we have to do to be successful

“Plan, Communicate, Lead, Excel”

Without measurable performance, our Service Model is just a blueprint. If our team plans effectively, communicates the plan, and uses our influence to lead the plan, while striving for excellence in all that we do – the natural result is success. These four simple words encompass the Tilden-Coil Performance Criteria.


The people involved in working our process

Team Members

Our team members who work directly for the organization.


Tilden-Coil tradesmen typically work in the field and include carpenters, millwrights, laborers, operators, shop, custodial and maintenance team members.


Individuals and companies who possess expertise upon which we rely, including:

  • Trade partners
  • Clients
  • Design professionals
  • Inspectors
  • Finance and banking professionals
  • Insurance and surety industry
  • Suppliers and vendors


Our core systems that our people manage to operate effectively toward our preferred future

Development Process

  • Preconstruction
  • Production
  • Post-Construction

Business Development

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Client Services


  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Finance


Vision – where we are headed

“Imagine a brilliant future shaped by passionate and equipped employees who serve with care, commitment and insight to enrich the experiences of our prospects, clients and communities.”

Mission – what we do everyday

“We turn 2-dimensional plans into 3-dimensional reality.”

Ultimate strategic position

“Helping clients navigate through the development process triumphantly.”


We Exist to Serve by Shaping Futures

This is the core of who we are, and the defined purpose of our organization. Our purpose stands proudly in contrast to many “standard” mission statements in our industry, because it revolves around those we serve, not ourselves. Our purpose statement does not mention the term “construction.” This is because we view our purpose as greater than just the services we offer (building buildings); it is to positively impact the lives of those around us, which is much greater than just building great buildings.

Ultimately when our clients choose to hire us, they do so because they know they have an organization who is dedicated to shaping futures first; and will step outside of the traditional roles to serve and do whatever it takes to accomplish team goals.


  • Passion
    Bringing enthusiasm and emotional drive to our work and life.
  • Commitment
    A covenant to fulfill what we promise.
  • Quality
    A high degree of excellence in all that we accomplish.
  • Balance
    Placing an importance on a high quality of life.
  • Integrity
    Our core values and actions are always congruent.


Brian Jaramillo


Brian is the fourth president in Tilden-Coil Constructors' history. He offers our clients over three decades of dedicated service and experience. In his first twelve years with Tilden-Coil Constructors, he managed hundreds of millions of dollars in construction projects and emerged as a leader in production growth and service. His leadership is based on example, the highest standards, and accountability. While his experience is a diversified foundation of institutional, commercial, and industrial projects, his specialty remains focused on client service. With a focus on the Global Greater Good, Brian serves on several charitable committees and is committed to making a difference within his sphere of influence.

"Our commitment, effort, and sacrifice today enable us to meet our intended objectives tomorrow."

Dayne Brassard

Executive Vice President

Dayne has been a member of the Tilden-Coil team since 1995.  He is responsible for aligning company sales and services with our ability to perform in order to ensure we maintain the high level of service our clients expect.  Prior to joining the leadership team, he managed preconstruction services and was a project manager. Dayne ensures a proactive and mutually valuable relationship with our clients that flourishes from the initial meeting throughout the life of the contract and beyond. Dayne stays active in several industry organizations and keeps the pulse on market conditions.

"Awesome things happen when everyone in an organization is aligned around a common purpose. 'Tilden-Coil Constructors' purpose is simple – We Exist to Serve By Shaping Futures.' As builders, we have many opportunities to shape futures!"

Steve Worley

Project Executive

Steve has been a member of the Tilden-Coil team since 1994. Steve’s career with Tilden-Coil Constructors has entailed the management of K-12 and higher education construction encompassing all aspects of the project from conceptual and planning to completion of construction. Steve is considered an expert in K-12 and higher education planning and program management. Steve also chairs Tilden-Coil CARES non-profit organization, which guides Tilden-Coil’s philanthropic efforts to be most effective at impacting our communities.

"I have learned that being a servant to our clients and our employees is key to a successful organization."

Jason Howarth, LEED AP

Project Executive / Preconstruction

Jason has been a member of the Tilden-Coil team since 2009 serving clients and leading preconstruction. Jason’s role is an integral part of our extensive planning process. Jason has a diverse background, having completed multiple large-scale hospital projects (regulated by OSHPD), as well as K-12 and higher education bond programs. His leadership, organization and ability to strategically guide projects through challenging planning and development obstacles are among Jason’s greatest strengths.

"Tilden-Coil’s Service Model is real to each team member. The heart of the model provides clarity of purpose for which we align ourselves to our clients. It is not about us, it is about those we serve."

Greg Lackey, CPA, MBA

Finance Director

As Finance Director, Greg, who has been a member of the Tilden-Coil team since 2006, is responsible for accounting, finance and information technology. In addition to strengthening Tilden-Coil’s financial position, the company has benefited from his implementation of finance and accounting practices into the production process. Precise budgeting, forecasting and business awareness throughout the production process has promoted greater efficiency, exactness and accountability.

"Tilden-Coil is always looking to add value and enhance the lives of those that we serve. This includes fellow employees, subcontractors, clients, and our community partners. We have nearly a century of rich history and experience to draw from, and our goal is to ensure that the path of service we have followed will be the same path for many generations to come."

Robert Krzyszkowski

Production Director

With well over two decades of construction experience, Rob, who has been a member of the Tilden-Coil team since 2008, equips and empowers our production teams and improves their effectiveness. His knowledge and experience ensure the highest quality and service to each of our clients. Rob's experience is diverse and includes educational, retail, mixed use, hotels, tilt-up, tenant improvements, remodels, commercial ground up and subterranean parking. This transfers to our teams as a wealth of knowledge and support.

"My contribution is focused on forming great teams and supporting them to be successful in the field. Our track record for excellence is foundationally based on respect, listening, and serving our clients, design partners, inspectors, and tradesmen."

Matt Breyer

Project Executive

Matt brings with him over three decades of construction experience and has been a member of the Tilden-Coil team since 1996. During this time he has been dedicated to managing a diverse range of public works projects, including completion of well over $200 million of construction at Mt. San Antonio College. Matt is an expert builder with a knack for diplomacy and motivating teams toward shared goals. 

"While we recognize that change is important, and inevitable, at Tilden-Coil we take great care to value things that never change. These include hard work, serving our clients and our communities, and treating our partners and our people fair."