The Old City Hall Building Celebrates a Century of History on July 1, 2024

Riverside came alive with nostalgia and celebration as Tilden-Coil Constructors marked the 100th anniversary of the historic Old City Hall Building. Located in downtown Riverside, this iconic structure has stood as a testament to the city's rich heritage and growth since its establishment in July 1924.

A hundred years ago, this building opened its doors, symbolizing the promise and potential of our city. It has witnessed Riverside's transformation from a growing town to the dynamic and diverse community we call home today. Throughout its storied history, the Old City Hall Building has evolved alongside Riverside, serving as the center of our local government, housing the collections for the metropolitan museum, and even operating as a nightclub in the 1970s.

This centennial celebration is not just about the building but about all the people who have passed through its halls and contributed to our city's legacy. As we stand here today, let us remember and appreciate the architects, builders, and city officials who erected this symbol of our civic pride. Let’s honor those who led this city for decades, those who designed and built it, those who restored it, and the team that cares for it daily.

In celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Old City Hall, we reaffirm our commitment to preserving our heritage while embracing the future. Let this occasion be a reminder of the importance of community, collaboration, and the collective efforts that make Riverside a wonderful place to live, work, and thrive.

Under the stewardship of Tilden-Coil Constructors, the building's architectural grandeur and cultural significance have been meticulously preserved, ensuring it remains a cherished landmark for generations to come. The commemorative event, held on July 1st, 2024, drew residents, dignitaries, and history enthusiasts alike to honor this milestone. Attendees gathered outside the Old City Hall Building at 3612 Mission Inn Avenue for an evening filled with reflection and engaging conversations as they reminisced about the building's significance and looked ahead to its enduring legacy.