Parkview Community Hospital - Emergency Room Expansion Dedication

On September 12, 2019 AHMC Healthcare and Parkview Community Hospital held a dedication ceremony for the new emergency room expansion. With the completion of this project, Parkview Community Hospital has tripled the size of its emergency department.

The 18,650 sf expansion has increased space for new state-of-the-art medical equipment, a spacious lobby, a central nurses station, 28 new beds for a total of 41 emergency-area beds, 25 private rooms, 3 critical care rooms, 2 maternity care rooms, 1 pediatric care room, 2 negative pressure rooms, and 1 de-con room. Dr. Chad Clark, chairman of Parkview’s Department of Emergency Medicine stated, “I believe this is one of the most significant improvements to this medical center in its achievement in the last 20 years. This emergency room expansion will allow my colleagues and I to see far more patients even more efficiently than we see them today. There will be shorter wait times and greater access for the community to high quality emergency healthcare.”

Parkview Community hospital has been named one of the busiest hospitals in the nation based on number of patients seen per square foot. Tours were held for those in attendance to have a firsthand look at the new facility. They plan to start accepting patients in a few short weeks. 

David Batista, Executive Vice President of AHMC Healthcare said, “Tilden-Coil has been a staple in this community for so long…[Tilden-Coil] has put so much into this community and done such an amazing job. It’s a very proud amount of work that has been done here [Parkview Community Hospital].” We are proud to be a partner in such a monumental project that will have an everlasting impact on the Riverside Community. 

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