Nuview Library Opens to the Community

The County of Riverside hosted a grand opening of the new Nuview Library on Thursday, June 13. The local residents of the Nuevo area attended the ceremony and were able to use the new amenities within the new building. The 3,760 square foot, single-story building replaced the former 2,169-square-foot building to provide a larger space to better suit the city’s 7,481 yearly library visitors. The 23-year-old library was demolished on March 7, 2018 to make way for the newest addition to the city.

Within the new library is a state-of-the-art computer access lab, a plug-in technology charging station, and a virtual reality headset area, giving Nuevo an up-to-date technological haven. A new “makerspace” program has also been implemented to give Nuevo residents the opportunity to learn skills such as robotics and sewing. The library’s upgraded space also includes new furniture, a multi-purpose community meeting room, a teen-only focus zone and extended children’s section, a bookstore, and, of course, new books. The new additions to the library give any member of the family a chance to enjoy themselves within the walls of the Nuview library just in time for the summer.

The new facility was designed by Holt Architecture to be easily expanded in the future. More information on the Nuview Library can be found here

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