Investing in Our Future Leaders - Intern Day 2019

Another successful Intern Day in the books! All BIM and project interns and first year project engineers partook in this educational and fun-filled day of training. The day started with a presentation by our President, Brian Jaramillo, who started out at Tilden-Coil as an intern himself.

The presentation was followed by a group activity led by Project Manager Jimmy Riordan. Each group had to construct a model that would support a water balloon at the top using only spaghetti noodles and tape.

There were specific requirements and obstacles that each team had to overcome by working quickly and collaboratively.

Each team had their unique design, but it was Team 2 that came out on top and won the challenge!

Before leaving to go on project site walks at Mt. San Antonio Community College and at University of California, Riverside, Project Manager CJ Viola shared his journey of how he reached where he is today at Tilden-Coil and offered his advice for those just starting their career in construction. We look forward to this event every year. It is a unique and fun way to help guide the future leaders of our company and for our senior leaders to share their advice and personal career pathways.