City of Indio Public Safety Campus Beam Signing Event

The City of Indio recently marked a significant achievement for the Public Safety Campus project by holding a ceremony to sign one of the final steel beams that will be used in the construction. Attendees, which included city officials, emergency responders, and members of the community, were given the chance to leave their signatures on the beam.

The Public Safety Campus project comprises three distinct structures, with a total area of about 43,000 square feet. The Fire Station 86 building has an area of roughly 14,000 square feet, and features amenities such as a new bay for firefighting vehicles, administrative offices, a workshop, a storage area for hoses, and living quarters for firefighters. Additionally, the new 22,500 square foot, two-story Public Safety Service Building will provide office space for both police and fire personnel. Lastly, the final building is a 7,3000 square foot state-of-the-art Police Dispatch Center. 

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