The Grove Worship Center


Architect Charles Brown Architect
Completion Date October, 2006
Client The Grove Community Church
Location Riverside, CA


The Grove Worship Center is a 37-acre building development that includes a 45,000 sf worship facility. The entry arcade leads into 16,000 sf, which houses the 294 seat children’s worship auditorium and 11 children’s classrooms; 22,000 sf of Jr. High and Sr. High worship, gymnasium and preschool area. The preschool area houses 19 classrooms that make up 20,500 sf. The main arcade provides access into all areas of the worship center while the north entry arcade provides access to the administrative offices. The sanctuary arcade leads to the main entrance and has 2 additional extensions, which lead to classrooms. The 45,000 sf worship facility seats 1,750 members and includes theatrical projection on 3 screens including live image presentations. This means clear viewing for all attendees. The 11,500 sf chapel is made up of 5 adult classrooms with seating for 300.The design was put through acoustical modeling and used to manage the insulation to achieve concert quality sound within the clients budget. During final design a recommendation was made by Tilden-Coil for an innovative change that netted 1,700 sf of additional storage space.

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