The preconstruction phase is as important as actual construction. During this phase, major decisions are made that have a significant impact on quality, schedule, and cost. Tilden-Coil takes a proactive approach to its preconstruction services. We fully understand the importance of a cohesive team and therefore regularly initiate “Partnering” sessions with our clients, architects, engineers and subcontractors. The result of these sessions is a high degree of understanding, commitment and teamwork. With solid relationships in place our preconstruction team seeks to make construction as smooth and problem free as possible. During preconstruction, Tilden-Coil can assist in the following:

  • Delivery Strategies
  • Detailed Budgeting and Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Prime Contractor Pre-Qualification
  • Bid Solicitation and Development of Project Cost
  • Outreach Campaigns
  • Permit Procurement and Entitlements
  • Phasing and Logistics Plans
  • Coordinating Offsite Utilities
  • Master Project Scheduling
  • Procurement of Long Lead Time Materials
  • Cash Flow Projection

Planning is the key to any successful construction project. Our goal in providing preconstruction services is to make sure that there are no surprises for the client throughout the construction process.

IPD = Integrated project Delivery = eliminating waste, creating momentum, delivery per expectations.

In the construction industry a movement to focus on using tools to eliminate waste have been created and termed a delivery process called “integrated project delivery (IPD).”  At the basic level, it is about eliminating waste, creating a work environment where multiple specific experts get together to build a project.  Since each project is unique with different challenges, there is no one specific solution that works for each project. It takes disciplined focus, leadership and proper use of tools to obtain better results than the rest of the industry.  IPD is a collaborative process that uses tools to track such progress to validate it benefits the project, and client.  Bottom line, it saves money and time as the measurement is viewed as the entire project success, not just a specific milestone.


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