Institutional California Tower


Architects Bahr Vermeer & Haecker
Square Footage 160,000 sq ft
Completion Date December, 1995
Owner City of Riverside
Location Riverside, CA


The renovation of the former Security Pacific Bank building into consolidated State Agency offices and ground floor retail lease space. Total interior asbestos and tenant improvement demolition of 12 floors, basement, mechanical equipment/penthouse and retail.
The 160,000 sf facility was revitalized with a replaced penthouse central plant, all new ducting, modernized elevators and equipment, upgraded plumbing and electrical, security and fire alarm system to accommodate new state agencies occupying all 12 floors, along with 12 new retail establishments with new entry elements/covered walkways to serve the building tenants and local community.
Demolition of remodel took place while existing tenants were occupying their respective floor until current lease expired. Project was coordinated with 26 agencies simultaneously.